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Squadron News Edition #79
September 7, 2018



The Commodore, Committee and Staff at Perth Flying Squadron Yacht Club would like to extend a very warm welcome to the following new club Members:


Anne Bloeman
Antoine Bloeman
Simon Smith
Gavin Parish
Desirae Graziotti
Ross Philip
Brett Sainsbury

Riley Maddock
Betty Rosengart
Brenton Taylor
Aaron Lovelock
Brenda Stemp
Trent Berry
Elyse Berry





Cork Evans Time Trial 



Our annual Cork Evans Time Trial will be held this Sunday 9 September, 2018. This has always proved to be a fantastic day - even if you haven't registered to race feel free to come down and enjoy the day with your family and meet your fellow Club Members.

For all of those who have entered and have volunteered for Checkpoint duty please make not of the following details;

Briefing: 8.00am
Time Trial Begins: 10.00am
Presentations: After 12pm

The Bar will be open from 8am for pickup of takeaway alcohol.
Don't worry about having breakfast at home because we have it all sorted for you. We will be serving bacon & egg rolls and a sausage sizzle for just $5.



Bosun (Boatswain) Cost Recovery 

Currently, we have two fulltime Bosun positions. Some other yacht clubs have member volunteers in this position.  For example, Fremantle Sailing have about 12 member volunteers who assist other members.  Our Bosuns’ are not contractors who repair member’s boats, moorings or provide free labour.   The Bosuns are employed to protect and maintain the assets of the Club.
Last year there was a shift to recover costs from the Bosuns helping members for longer periods of time.  Members have been advised directly by the Bosun, that they will assist wherever possible. But if it's something that would take longer and more effort on their part that would take them away from their own tasks, the Member will be invoiced at $88 per hour, inclusive of GST.
This has worked reasonably well, although there have been some examples where “a quick five minutes” of assistance has stretched to 45 minutes and beyond.  The Bosuns have been instructed that they are to assist Members briefly to give advice or a hand whenever required.  However, they have also been instructed to inform the Member that if the assistance takes too long, which results in taking them away from their own jobs then they are to charge the Member at the rate stated above.
The issue is when the Bosuns are unable to perform their daily operational duties due to working with Members.  As a result their work is delayed, which leads to the Bosun having to explain to the GM as to why the work was not completed; this then often leads to the Club having to engage a casual contractor to fulfil the work, thus increasing unnecessary costs.
So please be aware of these issues when requesting assistance from the Bosuns.
The Club cannot continually keep paying casuals as a stop gap to catch up on works or employ a third Bosun, and so must recover the cost on a user pay system.  With this in mind, if you have some spare time available and you would like to join the Bosun Squad, get a free Bosun Squad Shirt, free coffee, and help out around the Club and with the Members, please contact the Office and sign up.

Norm Roberts



Members Update from the August Committee Meeting 

During the recent strategy day, some of the Member feedback included requests for more information on what the General Committee was discussing. As a result of the Committee taking your feedback, the Committee now provides a short summary of the issues raised during the monthly General Committee meetings in the Club Newsletter. Not all topics and matters make it into the newsletter to prevent tedium and some matters are 'in camera'. This is a trial period so your feedback would be appreciated.

The August discussions were predominantly consumed with Corporate Governance, updating Club By-Laws and Policies.

The following Club By-Laws and Policies were resolved: - 

  • Debt Collection Policy
  • Parking Policy
  • Expenditure Limitations Policy
  • Members Code of Conduct Policy
  • Accommodation Waitlist Policy
  • CCTV Policy

These policies have been uploaded to the Members Portal for your ease of reference. Please take some time to log onto the Members Portal and familiarise yourself with the Club's current By-Laws and Policies.



Friendly Reminder - Sunbeam Working Bee



Sunbeam is a piece of WA Maritime and Club history (mentioned regularly in the Club's history ("Flying at Brick Landing") and it was gifted to the Club some years ago by a long-standing Member, Bruce Prance. She was built around 1910, used during WWII to lay landing lights for the Catalinas and to transport passengers to Rottnest. At one point beached and holed in Thomson Bay during a cyclone.

Unfortunately, she has sat idle in the Club's grounds and has deteriorated to a point where she will no longer be seaworthy unless considerable time and effort is spent on her. The Club has approached WA Maritime Museum, private enthusiasts and the Maritime Heritage Association to see if anyone was interested and able to restore her. Although most were interested due to her being the last known plum stem and stern vessel in WA, no group currently has the available resources.

It was decided at the last Committee meeting that a last-ditch effort is to be organised to try and protect her from further deterioration by the way of a working bee to sand, fill, and paint her hull and replace the deck. for starters. After she has been tidied up we will then approach City of Nedlands in the first instance to see if she can be positioned close to the Club within the foreshore area as a memorial to her history.

There is no promise to her final resting place but all we can do is try and respect her and her previous owners.

This project is being funded by some of our Members of the Committee, but we need your help with manpower at a working bee planned for the weekend of 29 - 30 of September. If you think you will be able to assist with an hour or two, please register your interest with our Rear Commodore Marina John Haddon by emailing him on or by calling Reception on (08) 9386 6437. Closer to the date we will advise Members what needs to be done and what to bring. 



House Support - Contribution Period 1

As mentioned in the previous newsletter, we are drawing near to the end of our first House Support period with Contribution 2 beginning on October 1. As this fee is paid every 6 months, any funds remaining under your House Support on September 30 will be forfeited.
House Support can be used against Regalia, meals and drinks from the Galley and Bar or by ordering takeaway alcohol (to the value of $200). 
All takeaway alcohol order forms must be submitted to the office by September 15th. Please click here to download our takeaway alcohol order form.
Should you be unsure of your remaining balance please do not hesitate to contact Reception on (08) 9386 6437 or email



Chandlery Stock For Sale

A reminder that Chandlery items can be purchased from the Club by contacting the bosun on A full list of the items for sale and prices can be found on our website.



Junior Sailing School Holiday Program



Wondering what to do with the kids these school holidays?
Why not enrol them in our Start Sailing Course!
This course is a 20 hour program which runs over 4 days and is run by experienced coaches.

This program is a fantastic way for your children to build on their sailing skills and encourages them to become confident and independent sailors. Over the course of 4 days children will be introduced to gybing, tacking, man over board recovery, and use of tiller extensions.


  • September School Holidays: 24 September - 27 September (9am - 2am)
  • December School Holidays: 17 December - 20 December (9am - 2pm)

For further information or to register please contact our Membership Manager on



Life Raft for Sale



The Club currently has a life raft for sale kindly donated by one of our Members. Should anyone be interested in making an offer please contact Reception on (08) 9386 6437 or by Friday 14 September, 2018.  All proceeds will go towards our Junior Sailors.



Battery Collection

Just a friendly reminder that the Club provides a battery collection point next to the ICE machine. Please be aware you can also place batteries in the recyclable bin provided at the end of the green sheds.
For every battery that is returned, the Club receives a donation to the Junior Sailors.



Winter Talk Series - Yacht Racing Starts, Flags & Protocols

We are coming to the end of our Winter Talk Series with the last seminar on Wednesday 12 September, 2018. These evenings are a great way to come down with your friends, get to meet other Members of the Club, have a meal and a drink, and learn some interesting information. 
Our final information evening presented by Denise & Damian Luscombe and Terry Brittliffe is primarily for those yachties interested in racing and will be going through starts, flags, signals and protocols of yacht racing.
For more details please click here
Please note bookings are essential
Bookings can be made through Reception on (08) 9386 6437 or email



Crew Register & Sailing Dates for Winter Frostbite

Our sailing calendar includes regular Club racing with fixed and laid mark courses and special events. On a weekly basis our keelboats race in a mixed fleet, divisions 1, 2, 3, and 4. Should you be interested in participating or joining in a crew please register your interest on the Crew Register whiteboard located in our Reception foyer.
Dates for Winter Frostbite in September are as follows;
Sunday September 16, 2018
Please note - This is our last Frostbite for the Winter Season. October will mark the beginning of our Summer Sailing Season.
For further details on dates for following months please click here



Storage Units Available 

Tired of having to bring down all the supplies every time you head out or have some maintenance to do? Don't forget we have lockable storage units available for hire. Approximately 2m x 2m x 2m, and if that's too much space you can always share with a friend. Great for storing all those items that take up room at home or on the boat (skis, ropes, spare sails, cleaning products, tenders and outboards, fuel containers etc).
Just think, another shed, a place to hide those extra little purchases, make room to move around the shed at home, and reduce that nagging feeling.
We only have a few left so please contact our Membership Manager Sam on for further details or to secure your spot.



Dinghy Racks Available

Don't forget that we have Dinghy Racks for hire if you want to keep your decks clear during your Winter day trips. Keep those kayaks, paddle boards, or tenders safe but still in a convenient location at the Club so they are there when you need them. 
Take advantage of our Winter Special - $100/rack from June 1 2018 - November 1 2018
Please contact our Membership Manager Sam on for further details or to secure your spot.



30 Second Challenge

Department of Transport wants those heading out on the water to be prepared and is advocating skippers and passengers to take the 30 second challenge which tests readiness for an emergency response on board a vessel. Please click here to view the video with Karl Langdon and take part.



CRUSE - Human Performance in the Submarine Command Team

The purpose of submarines is to patrol the world's oceans to act as a formidable deterrent, gather intgelligence, untertake surveillance and carry out reconnaissance missions. The submarine command team are responsible for the safe and effective operation of the submarine. The team must process large amounts of tactical information from the submarines sensors, assesses the information, and makes decisions on how to proceed. To do so each person of the team must carry out of their own tasks whilst working with each other to meet shared, common goals. This research is fundamentally about team work and the factors that influence team performance.

The aim of the research is to examine how the integration of incoming information can be optimised to ensure the best decisions are made. The simulation takes place within a laboratory at the University of Western Australia. The simulation comprises of a number of submarine consoles, each with a specific function (eg. sonar and periscope). Participants are placed in teams and are trained in their particular role and the communications required with each other. The team is asked to track simulated contacts through sonar and optical means to form an accurate representation of "what is out there" in order to report to command.

The experiment has a duration of about eight hours over two days. The first day comprises of training and the second comprises of testing under experimenal conditions. Each scenario will be video and audio taped in order to capture team member interactions. All subsequent data is de-identified.

The simulation has been developed by the Defense Science and Technology Group with guidance from Royal Australian Navy submariners. Participants who complete the experiment will have unique insights into how a submarine command team actually operates to track and monitor other vessels.

For students enrolled in some undergraduate Psychology units, participation can be credited towards a participation component of the unit. Participants who are not students or who are not enrolled in units where research participation can be credited will receive small remuneration ($10 per hour) to compensate them for their time, effort and travel expense. Participants who are not students of UWA must be 18 years old or older. 



Members Tips - Fuel

You should refuel after returning to the Yacht Club to minimise;

  1. Condensation
  2. Rust and Scale (metal tank)
  3. Bacterial growth (there is an additive to prevent bacterial growth)



Just for Laughs




Dates for your Diary - September & October





AFL Grand Final

The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory!

Come down and watch the Grand Final on our 75" screen.
Watch the final 2 teams battle it out to win the 2018 Premiership while taking advantage of our $20 burger and beer deal, and $15 jugs. 

To avoid missing out on the best seat for the day in our ballroom book now through Reception on (08) 9386 6437 or email





We are celebrating Oktoberfest for the whole month of October!!
Come down to the Club and enjoy German food specials each week and happy hour prices on Kolsch and Becks.

For more information please call Reception on (08) 9386 6437 or email




Melbourne Cup


Save the date!
Tuesday November 6, 2018 is a date you will not want to miss at the Club. We are currently organising a fabulous day for all Members & Guests.
More details coming soon!




Like us on Facebook & Get 1 Free Drink*

Have you liked us on Facebook yet?
During the month of September we will be giving our Members 1 free drink at the bar when you like us on Facebook. By liking our page you will stay up to date with our current events, functions and general Club information.
*Terms and Conditions Apply



Sunday Roast 

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content...
Don't feel like cooking on Sundays? As we are heading into warmer months our Sunday Roast won't be available for much longer, so be sure to come down and enjoy it while you still can. With a choice of chicken/beef/vegetarian roast served with roast potatoes, vegetables and yorkshire puddings you will not be disappointed.
This day is becoming a popular favourite so ensure you reserve you spot by placing a booking with Reception on (08) 9386 6437 or email



Galley Hours

Good Friends, Good Food, Good Times
Wednesday from 3pm - 8:30pm
Thursday from 3pm - 8:30pm
Friday 12pm - 8:30pm
Saturday 12pm - 8:30pm
Sunday 11am - 7:30pm
Please click here to view our Galley Menu.






Mobile Marine

Mobile Marine WA is a business that caters to all of your boating needs, servicing inboards, stern drives and outboard motors of all sizes and brands. Pete has more than 10 years of experience in the industry and is well known for his quality service, reliability and attention to detail.
Please contact Pete Griffiths on 0428 225 877 or




Pure 1 is a locally owned company and is fully trained in the art of Shipwright, and is available to complete all repairs and maintenance issues that you may have with your vessel.
Please contact Nick Barker from Pure 1 on 0413 096 660.



JLG Electrical

JLG Electrical is a locally owned business that specialises in the supply, installation and maintenance of all your electrical and lighting requirements, whether you need a power point in your residence or a large scale installlation within your industrial complex. James has extensive experience and provides excellent, efficient service.
Please contact James Gardner on 0438 095 047.




Major Club Sponsors


The club wishes to recognise and greatly appreciates the ongoing support of our major sponsors.  
Please support the sponsors that support our club.




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