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Squadron News Edition #94
July 16, 2019



The Commodore, Committee and Staff at Perth Flying Squadron Yacht Club would like to extend a very warm welcome to the following new Club Members:


Sean Barnes
Ronel Barnes
Sean Harvey 

Yolanda Harvey
Michael Chittick
Kenneth Westover





Notice of AGM 


The Club will be holding the Annual General Meeting at the Clubhouse in the Mele Bilo Ballroom on Wednesday 21st of August, commencing at 6.30pm.
For more information please check the Members Portal as well as the Notice Boards in the Club. 




Note from Rear Commodore Power 


Hello to all the fellow Power Boat Members,

It's that time of the year where boats sit dormant in their Pens and the dreaded barnacles begin to party on our hulls!

But wait... we have a solution that will get your boat out for an hour or so and give your hull a good winter workout whilst you and your family have fun!

On Sunday August 4th, Perth Flying Squadron Yacht Club will hold its annual Cork Evans Time Trial Event. The event is recognised as being one of the highlights of the time trialling calendar and one that PFSYC is proud to host.

If you've never been involved in time trialling, now is the time to give it a go. The Club needs as many Power Members as we can to ensure that our Club leads the way and hopefully takes out the prizes. Time Trialling is a test of skill and boatmanship. You are given a course to follow and asked to suggest a speed you will stick to. Spotters will be randomly positioned along the course and you will be given points for every second you arrive late or early. The winning boat is the one with the least points over the entire course. It really is that simple.

The Club Members Lounge will be open from 8am where we will conduct a quick briefing and you will have the chance to grab a breakfast burger and collect any pre-ordered drinks or platters. The fun starts at 10am and each boat will be given an individual start time. The course normally takes around 1 - 2 hours maximum dependent on your chosen speed. 

The fun carries on in the Members Lounge direclty after the event, where the results will be published and bragging rights awarded! The Galley and Lounge team will be ready with a hot Carvery Buffet and a few cheeky drinks for those wishing to enjoy an afternoon of socialising with like-minded friends. If you have recently joined the Club, there would be no better way to meet your fellow Members and enjoy the afternoon and get involved. The football will be on and the Presentations will be made during the breaks.

Please try and come along and support our Club. This is a family event and all are welcome. If for some reason you would rather jump onto someone else's boat, please let Jules or Sam in the office know and they will find a ride for you on the day.

Thanks for the taking the time to read this and allowing me to make contact. I look forward to seeing and meeting as many of you as I can on the day.

John Wood
Rear Commodore Power
Perth Flying Squadron Yacht Club 



PFSYC Cork Evans Time Trial - August 4, 2019



Gather your family and friends and come and enjoy one of the most popular days at PFSYC - Our annual Cork Evans Time Trial!

The Cork Evans Time Trial has always proved to be a fantastic day at the Club and is a great opportunity to come down and mingle with your fellow Club Members while enjoying some time out on the river with some healthy competition.

Briefing - 8am
Time Trial Begins - 10am
Carvery Buffet - From 12pm
Presentations - Following Race

Huge prize pool is up for grabs so make sure you enter to be in the running for a chance to win something!

The Members Lounge will be open from 8am for takeaway alcohol and pick of pre-ordered boat platters. Please click here to pre-order your boat platters. Order forms can also be found in the Members Lounge on our website. Alternatively orders can be placed by calling reception on (08) 9386 6437 or email - orders must be placed by 12pm Wednesday July 31, 2019. We will also be offering bacon and egg rolls for $5 to get you started and fuelled up for the race.

Following the race, be sure to come back to the Members Lounge for presentations and enjoy our Carvery Buffet for only $40. Bookings are essential for the Buffet - book through reception on (08) 9386 6437 or email

Please click here for your entry forms for the Time Trial. Entry forms can also be found on our website, the Members Lounge or in the Office. Entry forms are to be returned to the PFSYC office by 5pm, Monday July 29, 2019.

We look forward to seeing you all there!!



Note from Rear Commodore Marina - A Knotty Night Wrap Up 

Thanks to the 35 Members and friends that joined in on the knot night last week, enjoying the company and the curries and learning a new skill or two. And thanks to the Social Committee for putting it together.

I just thought I would follow up with a summary of the night to reinforce a couple of messages and let you know about the bits I forgot to tell you.

Common Types of 3 Strand:

  • Silver rope (polyethylene): Very common, floats, has some stretch, easy to work, economical and has a furry look with fibres sticking out.
  • Nylon: Common for anchor lines, soft to touch (but stiffens over time), sinks, very easy to work, more expensive than silver rope but stronger and has a greater stretch and a longer life.
  • Polypropylene: Often used for cray ropes, abrasion resistant, very little stretch, hard to work, floats.

Common Braids:

  • Single: eg. Ski ropes, easy to splice, often polypropylene therefore floats.
  • 8 Braid: Often used for anchor ropes, stretches, very strong.
  • Double Braid: Very strong, smooth finish.
  • Dynema: Can be single or double braided, very very strong, used on trailer winches and some yachts, lightweight.


  • Don't leave knotted or wet, rinse with fresh water, keep out of sand, don't step on.
  • Condemn when freyed, rotten (fibres fall off when handled), flattened or kinked.

General Notes:

  • Safe working load is 1/5 of breaking strain.
  • All knots reduce the strength of a rope by 5 - 50%.
  • Some stretch is good for anchoring or mooring to stop the sudden jerks therefore bigger is not necessarily better.
  • When throwing a rope divide the coil into two with only one strand behind the hands, have more coils in the throwing hand and hold onto the end.
  • Prepare mooring or docking lines prior to arriving at the jetty and fully brief crews prior to arrival.
  • We'll keep the "dipping the loop" a secret for those that were there.

Knots should be;

  • Easy to tie.
  • Easy to untie.
  • Serve a purpose.
  • Not damage the rope.

If you can master bowline, round turn and two half hitches, cleat knot and the sheet bend you should be able to cater for most situations.

A couple of the sailors asked about the rolling hitch for overrun sheets. The rolling hitch or midshipmans hitch does the job but you don't make the loop, just tie the new line to the sheet.

A copy of the booklet is available on the Members Portal for those that couldn't make it.

John Haddon
Rear Commodore Marina
Perth Flying Squadron Yacht Club



Winter Talk Series - Boat Safety Night 

These evenings are a great way to come down to the Club with your family and friends, get to meet other Members of the Club and learn some interesting information. These events will be held on the second Wednesday of each month during Winter with each evening paired up with a Curry Buffet for only $25. 

Our next information evening will be held on Wednesday August 14th. 2019, and will cover the basics of what you will need to know about boat safety. PFSYC has the pleasure in securing a speaker from the DOT who will be covering flare experience and training as well as life jacket use and training. 

We are also offering Members the opportunity to set off your flares. If your flares are within 6 months of expiry bring them down as you will be given the chance to set them off under the correct supevision. Don't worry if your flares have expired, our demonstrator will be bringing some along for you to try and will also happily take your expired flares and EPIRB's so they can be disposed of correctly.
Following our flare experience and training, the information evening will cover lifejacket use and training. Have an old, tatty, out of date life jacket? Bring it down as we will be offering a discounted rate on the new self-inflating jackets with the trade in of your old jacket. 

We will also be covering the 30 second challenge - do you think you could complete it? This night really does not get much better!

For more details please click here.
Please note bookings are essential so we can ensure we have enough flares and lifejackets.
To book for the Information Evening please call Reception on (08) 9386 6437 or email
It is recommended to come down early and enjoy our Curry Buffet. To book for the Buffet please call Reception on (08) 9386 6437 or email



New Members Induction / Q & A / Italian Buffet

Our New Members Induction & Question & Answer evening will be held on Friday August 16, 2019.
Commencing at 6pm our New Members Induction is where all new Members are welcome to come down and participate in your Induction to our Club. Please keep in mind that your Membership is not officially valid until you have attended at least one Induction Night. If you are yet to do so, please confirm your attendance or absence by calling Reception on (08) 9386 6437 or emailing
Following the Induction, from 6.30 - 7.00pm, we will be holding our Members Question & Answer session. This is a great opportunity for all Members to come down and ask any questions you may have about the Club.
Following both the Induction and Q&A is our Italian Buffet commencing at 7pm. Details of the Buffet and prices are found below in our Lounge Functions & Events. Bookings are essential for the buffet.



Annual Subscriptions 

Please be advised that any outstanding annual subscription accounts will now be charged administration and late payment fees and has resulted in house accounts being placed on hold. Should you be experiencing difficulty in paying your subscriptions please contact the Club in order to arrange a payment plan. 



Security Notice - Jetty 

All Members with boats in the Marina would have received an email notifying you of the change in the pin code to our Jetty gate system. The new pin code is not to be given to any one under any circumstances. Should you have a contractor coming to work on your boat, they must report to the office to gain access.
We are in the process of tranistioning from pin code to a remote system which means that a code will not be required to enter your jetty gate, rather, you will use your gate remote to gain access.
Members with the black gate remote with 2 buttons on it will not need to upgrade their remote (button 1 will open the front electronic gate, button 2 will open your specific jetty gate only).
Members who do not have this remote please ensure you come into the office within the next week to upgrade your remote as the new pin code will be deactivated within 7 days.



Important Consideration - All Members

Members are reminded to keep your belongings and any expensive items locked away in secure locations on your boat. Additionally, Members should ensure that all hardstand areas are kept clear. Dinghies, cray pots and other items should not be left in the hardstand areas and should be securely stored. Keep in mind we have lockable storage units available to rent should you prefer to keep everything in a protected spot at the Club. Our storage units are great for storing items that take up too much room at home or on your boat. For further details please contact our Membership Manager by calling (08) 9386 6437 or email



With Winter well and truly here, you may have noticed that outside dirt and limestone gravel has been making it's way into the Club. It would be greatly appreciated if all Members and their guests be mindful of those wet, rainy days and kindly wipe their feet on the front doormat when entering the Club.



Insurance & DoT Registration
Members are reminded that we require a copy of the current DoT Registration and Insurance Certificates for all vessels at the Club. We require this documentation at each renewal and should be forwarded to
It is also a Club requirement that all registered owners of vessels are full Members of the Club. Details can be found on our Club website. Should you have any queries in regard to Membership please contact our Membership Manager on the above email address.



Volunteers for Letterbox Drop 
The Club is currently trying to increase its community involvement with an increase in memberships and junior sailing participants. We will shortly be conducting a letterbox drop to surrounding residents in the City of Nedlands to help promote how fantastic our Club is. Should any Members be interested in volunteering their time to assist in the letterbox drop please contact Reception on (08) 9386 6437 or email



Chandlery Stock 
A reminder that Chandlery items can be purchased from the Club by contacting the Bosun on A full list of items for sale and prices can be found on our website.



Volunteer Starters Required

The Club is reaching out to Members who wish to volunteer in our Start Box for our Friday and Sunday racing at PFSYC. No experience is necessary and the Club will fully train you on what is required in the Start Box. Starters receive a $25 voucher for an evening meal or drink each time you are rostered to start. Should anyone be interested in volunteering for this position it would be greatly appreciated if you contact Reception on (08) 9386 6437 or email



Discount on Slip Fees




Save the Date - Annual Commodore's Cocktail Event 



Lock this one in your diaries because we have a night prepared that you will never forget!

Date - October 19, 2019
Time - 7pm
Ticket Price: TBA - can be taken off your house support

Door prizes, drinks, fantastic food, and a theme that will make this one of the best events we have ever held! We will ensure this is an event that you will be excited to attend!

Don't miss out on one of our biggest events of the year. If you would like to register your interest please contact Reception on (08) 9386 6437 or email and we will be sure to update you once we have finalised all details.



Mooring in Pig Trough Bay at Garden Island 

We have a primary user membership which entails Members at PFSYC the ability to use moorings at Pig Trough Bay at Garden Island. Should any Members be interested in making use of this benefit our mooring number is 105.




Junior Sailing



Family Members do you know your children can sail for FREE at PFSYC?

We are making our way through the Winter Sailing Season with our Junior Sailing taking place every 2nd Sunday (with the exception of school holidays) from 9am till 12pm.

Should you wish to enrol your child in our Junior Sailing Program and get them involved in a fun sport on a Sunday morning led by our fantastic head coach Francis, please do not hesitate to contact our Membership Manager on

Our next Junior Sailing Training will be held Sunday July 28, 2019.



Winter Sailing Series at PFSYC

Our sailing calendar includes regular Club racing with fixed and laid mark courses and special events. On a weekly basis our keelboats race in a mixed fleet, Divisions 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Sunday Frostbite racing is every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month commencing at 1:30pm
Dates for Frostbite Sailing July & August;

  • Sunday July 21st
  • Sunday August 4th
  • Sunday August 18th

Please click here to get your copy of our Winter Sailing Fixtures for 2018-2019.



Crew Register

Are you interested in being part of a Crew? We have spots available for our Friday and Sunday Sailing Races. Should you be keen to participate and be part of the racing atmosphere please register your interest on the Crew Register whiteboard located in our Reception foyer or please email



Important Information - Rottnest Island Moorings


The Club is currently awaiting confirmation from the Rottnest Island Authority regarding an information evening to be held in September in reference to the changes in Rottnest Island Moorings detailed above. Keep an eye out for the date and time which will be included in the next newsletter and on the Club Noticeboards.




Rottnest Island Fuel Supply




Members Tips - Anchoring

  1. Plan your approach with allowance for wind and tide.
  2. When anchor is on the bottom do not let the chain fall on the anchor (use a slight reverse).
  3. Use reverse in idle to check that the anchor is holding.



Just for Laughs




Dates for your Diary - July & August 





C, D, E & F Jetty & Hardstand Party

Our Jetty Parties have been a great success so far and we are down to only 1 more!
This is a great way to come and meet your boatie neighbours, drink, mingle and have a few laughs while playing Killa Pool, Ping Pong, Chocolate Wheel and Whiskey Shuffle Board! We will providing drink specials starting at 7pm, along with FREE canapes.
Bookings are essential! Please RSVP 2 days prior to your event.
To place a booking, call Reception on (08) 9386 6437 or email


Christmas in July Buffet

Come down and enjoy our Christmas in July Buffet on Friday July 26th!
Ticket price can be taken off your house support;
Adults - $40
Under 12 - $20
Under 5 - Eat Free
Mulled wine and hot toddies will be available from the Bar.
Bookings are essential!
Book by calling Reception on (08) 9386 6437 or email


Winter Talk Series - Curry Buffet

With each of our Winter Talk Series we will also be holding a Curry Night for only $25!!
You will have the choice of 3 delicious curries - chicken, beef or vegetarian, all served with rice, naan bread, poppadoms & condiments. This will be sure to leave you full and satisfied and ready to absorb all information for the evening.
To place a booking please call Reception on (08) 9386 6437 or email


Italian Buffet

To wrap up our New Members Induction and Question & Answer session, our amazing hospitality team will be dishing out an Italian Buffet filled with all the goodness of Italy you can imagine!
Start Time : 7pm
Adults = $35, Children = $12, Under 5 = Eat Free.
Bookings are essential. To place a booking for this event call Reception on (08) 9386 6437 or email 





Wednesday Steak Night

Nothing ruins a Friday like realising it's only Wednesday...
So why not combat those mid- week blues and head on down to the Club for our Steak Night Special. For only $25 divulge yourself into a succulent steak with your choice of sauce and side.
To place a booking call Reception on (08) 9386 6437 or email


Thursday Pizza & Pint Night 

You say Thursday, I call it Friday Eve...
Every Thursday is Pizza & Pint Night at PFSYC!
Why not gather your family and friends and make the most of our beautiful view and enjoy our Thursday night special for only $17.
Bookings are recommended. To place a booking call Reception on (08) 9386 6437 or email


Friday Fish Fry Night 

It's Friday...Time to go make stories for Monday..
Come on down to the Club and enjoy our Friday special of Fish, Chips and Mushy Peas for only $13.50.
This is proving to be a popular evening at the Club so take advantage of this deal while it lasts.
Bookings are recommended.
To place a table booking please call Reception on (08) 9386 6437 or email



Facebook & Instagram

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Stay up to date with our current events at the Club by liking us on Facebook and following us on Instagram.
Facebook page -
Instagram page - @perthflyingsquadron



Galley Hours

Good Friends, Good Food, Good Times
Wednesday from 3pm - 8:30pm
Thursday from 3pm - 8:30pm
Friday 12pm - 8:30pm
Saturday 12pm - 8:30pm
Sunday 11am - 7:30pm
Please click here to view our Galley Menu
Please click here to view our Bar Snacks Menu 





Mobile Marine

Mobile Marine WA is a business that caters to all of your boating needs, servicing inboards, stern drives and outboard motors of all sizes and brands. Pete has more than 10 years of experience in the industry and is well known for his quality service, reliability and attention to detail.
Please contact Pete Griffiths on 0428 225 877 or




Pure 1 is a locally owned company and is fully trained in the art of Shipwright, and is available to complete all repairs and maintenance issues that you may have with your vessel.
Please contact Nick Barker from Pure 1 on 0413 096 660.


JLG Electrical

JLG Electrical is a locally owned business that specialises in the supply, installation and maintenance of all your electrical and lighting requirements, whether you need a power point in your residence or a large scale installlation within your industrial complex. James has extensive experience and provides excellent, efficient service.
Please contact James Gardner on 0438 095 047.



Allegro Pizzeria

Allegro Pizzeria located on Stirling Hwy. Claremont is offering our Members 10% off their orders.
Orders can be placed online at or by calling 9386 1347.




Major Club Sponsors


The club wishes to recognise and greatly appreciates the ongoing support of our major sponsors.  
Please support the sponsors that support our club.




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