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Floating Jetty
What is the secret to an enjoyable boating experience?
  1. It must be easy!
  2. It must be fun!
Studies have shown that the vast majority of people will not continue doing something if it’s not easy or it’s not fun.
Here at the Flying Squadron we understand this concept and our goal is to make it easy and fun for every Member, every time.
That is why we have installed a new state of the art Floating Jetty.
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New Technology
Technology never before seen in WA, The Bellingham Floating Jetty eliminates all waves and swells before they enter the Marina.
Your boat is completely protected from being hammered by waves and swells.
Enhancing your boating experience. 
Old Technology
In a fixed pen.  You need six ropes, calm water, high tide, long boat hooks, and lots of patience. 
The old way to dock; it’s not easy, and it’s not fun.
Why bother, if it's not easy and not fun, why do it. This does not enhance your boating experience.
Floating Jetty
Docking on the new Floating Jetty. Simply drive in and tie up directly to the cleats on the jetty, which are always 50cm above the water.  Your boat becomes part of the jetty, easy!
Knowing that you can walk down to your boat, at any time, regardless of the weather or tide, and be on the water in less than 5 minutes, enhances your boating experience.
It's easy and it's fun.
  • No more weights and chains to tie and untie.
  • No more jumping down to board when it’s low tide.
  • No more worrying about waves or swell.
  • No more arguments when docking.
Floating Jetty - Attenuator Enquiry

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