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The General Meeting of the Club shall be held on or before the 30th of September each year at such time as the General Committee may prescribe.
The General Manager shall give preliminary Notice of the AGM at least 45 days before the date of the AGM and call for Nominations.
A Notice of Motion for any business to be brought forward at the AGM must be in writing and lodged with the General Manager no later than 1600 hours, 21 days prior to the AGM. Any Notice of Motion lodged must be endorsed by a nominator, seconder and five other Members, each of whom must be either a financial Ordinary, Country or Life Member of the Club.

Only Voting Members will be permitted to vote on matters at the Annual Meeting. Voting by proxy is permitted by Voting Members unable to attend and will be managed by the General Manager ensuring only one vote per Member.
Notice is hereby given that the 126th Annual General Meeting of Perth Flying Squadron Yacht Club Inc. will be held at the Club on Wednesday, August 16, 2023 at 18:30.

Agenda items include the election of Flag Officers, Committee Members and Notices of Motion submitted in accordance with the Club’s Constitution.


Absentee ballot forms for election of Committee Members may be obtained by financial Ordinary, Life and Country Members from the General Manager.

Notice of AGM 2023.jpg
Nominations for Flag Officers, Honorary Treasurer and Committee positions may be invited from financial Life, Ordinary, and Country Members only. All nominations must be signed by two Members eligible to stand for election and must be submitted to the General Manager.
Committee Offices that may be filled are;
  • Commodore - Flag Officer
  • Vice Commodore - Flag Officer
  • Rear Commodore Regatta - Flag Officer
  • Rear Commodore Power - Flag Officer
  • Rear Commodore Regatta - Flag Officer
  • Honorary Treasurer
  • Committee (4)
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