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Life Members

F. R. Perrott
H. Peyton Frost
M. Green
F. W. Sewell
J. H. Bennett
H. J. Rex
E. W. Tomlinson
F. D. Mather
B. S. Manning
C. H. Woodgate
J. F. Wood
J O'Donoghue
H. A. Walker
A. F. Willshire
D. C. Davies
Gerrard McGann
Danny Lavender
Hew E. Jarman
​Stan R. West 

W. Des Muir
Matt Burns
Jack Mitchell
Harry Mitchell
Harold Glaskin
Desmond Dease
Ronald B. Stephen
Neville J. Nielsen
Robert Drabble
Ray F. Taylor
Werner Wieland
Geoff Glenister
Wally Pickford
Alan Johns
Colin Keevil
Robert Brown
Peter Jarman
Glenys Pickford
​Robert Ramsay

Brian Weston

Joseph Dassira

Robert Freeth

Perth Flying Squadron Yacht Club has a tradition of awarding Life Membership to people who have, over a sustained period, given something to the Club that exceeds the expectation of Membership. They have been awarded to great sailors, great administrators and also to quiet achievers. The Life Members list includes some of the best known names at the Club, but there are many more who have made huge contributions and family sacrifices who also need remembering.
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