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Becoming a Member

Perth Flying Squadron Yacht Club offers excellent facilities, active sailing and power boat sections and, most importantly of all, a friendly atmosphere where lifelong Members and first-time visitors are made to feel equally welcome.

Whether you are a keen sailor, power boatie or enjoy making new friends and want to liven up your social life, then the Squadron is the right club for you!

In fact, you don't need to even be a boatie to join the Club. PFSYC has a range of memberships to cater for most requirements ranging from Crew to Social memberships. This ensures that for those of you less interested in spending time out on the water but wish to enjoy the Clubhouse facilities, then you are still given the opportunity to be part of our Club and enjoy our fantastic atomosphere and our river views. 

There are excellent rates available to Juniors and Families where we offer a Family Membership to both husband and wife and their dependent children, representing equally good value.

For further information on what is provided below please call
 (08) 9386 6437 or email

Membership Categories
House Support

Like many clubs, Perth Flying Squadron Yacht Club charges all Full Members a levy to ensure support of the Club's 'house' facilities. This involves two stand alone 6 month periods ($400 bi-annually). Members may offset this obligation with the purchase of food, beverages, takeaway orders, club clothing and merchandise.

Vessel Land Accommodation
Vessel Water Accommodation

The Club has a number of fixed and floating jetties available for lease. Prices depend on the length and width of your vessel. For further information please call Reception on (08) 9386 6437 or email

Temporary Vessel Accommodation

Perth Flying Squadron Yacht Club now offers temporary vessel accommodation to non-Members. Prices vary and are dependent on Pen size as well and the length of your stay.

Other Annual Charges - Optional
Member Participation Agreement

Being a Member of the Perth Flying Squadron Yacht Club is a privilege and carries with it a responsibility to uphold the Club’s reputation and to regularly participate in the Club’s events and competitions.

All new Ordinary, Family, Country and Boat Affiliate Members are required to participate in a minimum of one (1) Flag event per financial year to maintain their Membership. 


The link below directs you to the Flag events we hold at the Club annually.

Interested in Becoming a Member?
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