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General Committee

Ian currently has 2 boats at the Club. In his time at the Club Ian has observed the development and progress of the Club with keen interest, especially over the recent years. 
Ian is a practicing Emergency Physician and holds a senior management role at Fiona Stanley Hospital and Fremantle Hospitals. Over the years he has sat on and chaired and innumerable number of committees up to and including Ministerial Task Force Groups. He was a Clinical Commissioning Lead during the construction and commissioning of Fiona Stanley Hospital. He is currently Board of Directors of Dalkeith Primary School. Through his experience he has attained many skills relating to group function and conduct. He has observed the attributes of functional and non-functional groups.

Ian is a very active Member of the boating community and considers it a privilege to have access to the waterways and ocean that we do in Perth. His particular passion is enjoying boating and our waters, but doing it safely, responsibly and protecting the environment in the best ways he can. His 4 children have grown up with the experience and all have their skipper's ticket and enjoy the same. 

Ian has been a Member of PFSYC for 9 year
s and currently holds a position on our General Committee. 

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