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General Committee

Joe loves sailing his Spirit SS24 Yacht and is also a Life Member of our Club.

Joe graduated from Footscray Institutre of Technology in Mechanical Engineering. He also completed additional courses in Contracts Law, Financial Management and Project Investment. Since graduating he has specialised in project engineering comprising of: Project Management, Project Control, Budgeting, Scheduling, Financial Modelling, Risk Analysis and Construction Management.

Since graduating Joe has worked on multimillion and billion-dollar projects for companies such as BHP, Western Mining, CMPS, Kinhill, Bateman and countless minor ones. He has also managed the construction of the Wave Attenuator for PFSYC, including the refurbishment of the F Jetty groin, the demolition of the boat haul area and several minor projects.

Joe also has additional experience in his lifetime. He was part time Member of the RAAF in the mastering of the engine fitting and on completion of an abbreviated officer's course, he was placed in charge of the engine fitting trade for my squadron. Joe was also a Member of the PVPC Pistol Club for 15 years and during that time served as treasurer for 5 years and President of the Pistol Association of WA. He is currently a registered ABRS Director as he is managing his own SMSF.

In Joe's early years in Australia he completed a full apprenticeship in boilermaking, as at the time his parents lacked the finances to enrol him in a university course, as well as not yet having mastered the English language.

Joe has been a Member of PFSYC for 35 
years and currently holds a position on our General Committee. 

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