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Rear Commodore Power


John Whitely is married with three boys in their teens who has resided in Dalkeith for the last twelve years and have been heavily involved in boating for the last 19 years here in Perth.

In that time John has been part of four different Yacht Clubs and have settled at Perth Flying Squadron Yacht Club for the last three years and consider it home. John is an avid Member around the Club in the last three is the reason John has decided to set onto the Committee to  help guide the proactive approach towards the future of the Club.


John has an entrepreneurial spirit which has led him to own and run many varied businesses from Car Dealerships, mortgage brokers through to Satellite phone companies and online and app companies. John is keen to be an integral part of the Club and assist Management and the other Commodores to continue their  journey in making PFSYC a family friendly and prosperous Club moving onwards through 2020 and beyond.

John has been a Member for 6 years and currently holds the position of Rear Commodore Power.


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