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Power Boating at PFSYC

Although we are a Yacht Club we also provide a comfortable base for power boat owners, with a range of pens suitable for most boat types and sizes.

The Club has excellent facilities for power boat owners and boasts its own fuel jetty accessible to all Members for the ease of filling up before beginning a break away or day on the river.

Members of the power section are less focused on competition and instead use their versatile craft to enjoy a number of relaxing and enjoyable pursuits such as cruising and fishing.

Cruising is popular among our launch fleet. Our Rear Commodore Power is a keen event organiser and plans cruises and power Member get-togethers regularly. These include cruises down to Mandurah or over to Rottnest Island, with berths and entertainment planned over some of the holiday periods. 

We also hold an annual Club Raft Up which is a great way to socialise and get to know other power boaties within the Club. The event is open to all Members and we organise Member's boats for non-boat owners to attend.

One of the major events of the season is the Cork Evans Invitational Time Trial, which is always a great family day. Competitors from other Clubs around the Swan River join in the event, which is followed by a luncheon with prizes and presentations back at the Club. 

Power boaties are encouraged to play a full part in Club life and are required to participate in at least one of the power events during the year. 

Cork Evans Time Trial Power Race

The Cork Evans Time Trial has always proved to be a fantastic day at the Club and is a great opportunity to come down and mingle with your fellow Club Members while enjoying some time out on the river with some healthy competition.

Time trialing provides you with a fantastic opportunity to use your boat during winter on the river, whether it be big or small. 
Time trialing is a test of accuracy rather than concentrating on speed. It requires that you arrive at checkpoints at precisely the right time, based on your nominated speed which can range from 8 to 15 knots. Each boat will start individually at an allocated time and completes a set course around ‘Checkpoints’ on the river. A full sheet of times due at each Checkpoint and a chart is provided prior to the event.
Your team will consist of a skipper and a navigator. It is the role of the skipper to drive the boat, and have knowledge of the river marks as well as speed restrictions. The navigator is responsible for timekeeping either by using a modified clock, stopwatch or various phone apps.
A one point penalty is applied for every second that a boat is early or late at each checkpoint. This means that the boat with the lowest number of points lost wins the event.
Getting the perfect zero score is actually quite difficult, but handicaps may be allocated for particular races. Very quickly you will find yourself developing a knowledge of the river and improving your boat handling skills.
On the day of the Cork Evans Time Trial we will provide a briefing of what the day will entail.

Date - Sunday 4 August 2024

Click here for more information and to register for our 2023 Cork Evans Time Trial

The late B.P Cork Evans joined the Perth Flying Squadron Yacht Club during the 1917 Season. Mr Evans was appointed Secretary at the age of 50 in 1935.
When the W.A Square Metre Sharpie Association was formed in October 1945, Mr Evans was elected Hon. Secretary. The records show that he together with Mr. H.A Walker (Past Commodore) acted as Official Starters for the Power Yacht time trials for a number of years.
It was only appropriate that the name ‘Cork Evans’ was perpetuated by a shield in memory of a man who served as Secretary for the Squadron for 23 years.
Power Cruisers Facebook Community

Perth Flying Squadron Yacht Club prides itself on its family based community. When you become a Member of our Club we want you to feel welcome and part of our family which is where our Power Cruisers Facebook Group Page originated as it provides a great avenue to interact with your fellow Club Members.

This private Facebook Group provides a great opportunity for you to meet fellow Power Boat Members from around the Club, ask questions, share knowledge, make friends and talk everything boats. This page is a great way to stay informed on what is happening at your Club by continuously staying up to date with -

  • Future Events

  • Tips for maintenance

  • Shared activities and support

  • Fishing ideas


If you are interested in meeting and gathering with other Members of your Club as well as staying in touch with all our latest news than this is the right place!

  • Facebook
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