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Start Procedure
The flags are the true start signals. Sound signals may be given to assist. The over-riding signal is the raising and lowering of the Flags. (Rule 26)

For all Racing at PFSYC
At ten (10) minutes before:​
  • The orange on Station Flag and course pendant raised + 1 sound signal
At five (5) minutes before:
  • The Division Flag will be raised + 1 sound signal
At four (4) minutes before:
  • The "I" flag will be raised + 1 sound signal
At one (1) minute before:
  • The Division Flag will be lowered + 1 sound signal

Ten (10) minutes after the start, the Course Flag and the orange on Station Flag will be lowered until five (5) minutes before the first boat crosses the Finish Line, then the orange on Station Flag will be raised once more.
Crossing the Start Line  in the Minute before you Start
ie. After 'I' Flag lowered (Rule 30.1)
No boat shall have any part of its hull, crew, or equipment on the course side of the start line during the minute before her starting signal. If this infringement occurs Rule 30.1 (Round the End of the Buoy) applies ie.: any such boat must sail around the Club buoy (32A) and return to the pre-start side of the line and start correctly.
Late Starters
A boat may be up to 10 minutes late for its start and still be included in the race results.
Keeping Clear (Addition to Rule 20)
At the start, when there is more than one division racing, boats whose preparatory signal has not been raised shall keep clear of the starting area and of all boats whose preparatory signal has been raised.
Special Marine Rules
A boat shall not deliberately impede another so as to delay her departing the marina. In addition to a protest by a boat, should a Member of the Race Committee observe a boat break this rule, it may penalize her without a hearing scoring her 'DNS'. A boat penalized is entitled to a hearing upon request. The boat marinas are not to be used for pre-start manoeuvres before a race. Any boat that enters the boat marinas for this purpose will be disqualified.
Crossing the Start Line Early
There are three (3) options:
  • Individual Recall (Rule 29.1)​
    • ​​If a boat/s crosses the Start line before their starting signal, flag X will be raised + 1 sound signal. The X flag will remain there for up to 4 minutes until all such boats go around Club Buoy (32A) and start again. If the offending boat/s does not comply it may be disqualified
  • General Recall (Rule 29.2)​
    • If at the starting signal the start team is unable to identify boats that are on the course side of the starting line, or there has been an error in the start procedure, the start team may signal a general recall by raising the : 1st Substitute Flag + 2 Sound Signals
​Once the start team are ready, the 
1st Substitute Flag will then be lowered + 1 sound signal. One (1) minute after the 1st Substitute Flag is lowered, the five (5) minute start sequence begins.
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